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Railcar Valve Shutdown System

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My process automatically shuts down in the event of a leak. Why do I need the UniPro™ Valve Closure System?


Most loading and unloading operations include automated process valves that are installed in the process lines leading to and coming from the tank car or tank truck. These valves are closed automatically in the event of an emergency. However, the length of hose or stub pipe connecting the tank car or tank truck to these process valves could rupture. If it did, the process system would shut down, but the tank car or tank truck valves would not, allowing the leak to continue until the actual valves on the tank car or tank truck could be closed. The UniPro™ system integrates with the existing process shut-down system to close the container valves at the same time that the process valves are closed, preventing continued flow out of the tank car or tank truck.

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