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Heat Exhaustion & Hazmat Suits

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I have to operate high torque ACF valves in a very hot environment on tank cars carrying a very toxic chemical. Safety protocol demands that my operators wear full HAZMAT equipment while operating the valves. The process of opening these valves while dressed in a hot suit has been responsible for heat exhaustion on occasion. Can the UniPro™ system help my operators?



Yes! The UniPro™ R has the capability of opening the valves at the dome. In a situation as you describe, the operator needs only to install the actuator on the valve and pull the open lever on the UniPro™ R actuator. The valve can be opened to the back-seat condition. Then, by pushing the same lever ahead, the valve can be jogged closed the recommended ½ to ¾ turn. Once the valve is opened, the UniPro™ R actuator can be left on it to function in the event of an emergency exactly like the UniPro™ Standard.

UniPro R Installed

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