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Integrated Gas Shutoff System

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Q:  I have professional technicians that are capable of assembling our own air control system and panels. Can I still use UniPro™ actuators?



We don't recommend it. The UniPro™ is designed as an integrated system. All of its components are designed to work together. The UniPro™ Air Control Unit is designed to allow independent operation in the event of a power failure or loss of air pressure. It also has an exclusive feature that allows a small amount of dry air (or nitrogen) to flow through the actuators while they are installed on the valves. This purge feature will not activate the UniPro™ actuators, but prevents atmospheric moisture and insects from entering the actuators through their exhaust ports. These feature have been designed and tested exhaustively. Without them, the UniPro™ actuator might not perform correctly or could be damaged by corrosion. Likewise, the UniPro™ Control Panel is designed specifically for the requirements of the UniPro™ family of actuators. It has the appropriate number of inputs and outputs to accept signals from gas sensors or other safeties. Its microprocessor is preprogrammed to manipulate incoming signals and perform the required responses. Without the UniPro™ Air Control Unit and the UniPro™ Control Panel, Powell cannot guaranty the correct function of the system. Therefore, it is impossible for us to offer our warranty on UniPro™ actuators that are not used with the UniPro™ support components.

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