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Tank Car Dome Wall

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I've seen tank car valve closures that mount directly to the valve body. Why does the UniPro™ Standard Pneumatic Actuator mount to the tank car dome wall?



UniPro InstalledThere are several reasons. Mounting to the dome wall is a much quicker and easier operation than mounting to the valve body. By mounting them on the dome wall, the UniPro™ Standard Pneumatic Actuator and the low torque UniPro™ LT, can be removed from the valve handle, swung to the side to allow hand operation of the valve and reinstalled on the valve handle without the need for any re-adjustment. Another reason that the UniPro™ actuators mount to the dome wall is so they do not block access to any of the other components within the dome.

Because the UniPro™ has no brackets or anti-rotational devices within the dome, access to sample valves, dip sticks, and pressure relief valves is not impeded. In the case of the reversible UniPro™ R, mounting to the dome wall can allow it to be used to open two adjacent valves without any re-adjustment in non-emergency situations. After it is used to open one valve, it is simply lifted off that valve handle, swung over to the adjacent one and dropped into place. There are no brackets to remove or re-adjust.


The UniPro™ Valve Closure Family includes the UniPro™ Standard, UniPro™ R (Reversible), UniPro™ LT (Low Torque), and UniPro™ QT (Quarter Turn).

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