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Railcar Motion Detection

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UniPro™ Explosion Proof Railcar Motion Detector System

Explosion Proof Motion Detection SystemThe UniPro™ Explosion Proof Motion Detector System is designed to mount on the loading/unloading platform in close proximity to the tank car being serviced. The spool holds 25 feet of stainless steel braided cable and the locking mechanism on the reel prevents excess cable from unwinding in the event of tank car motion. The cable can be routed around any solid object on the tank car and clipped to the pin underneath the reel. The pin is inserted through a rotating fixture above an explosion proof (Class 1, Div 1) switch.


How the Motion Detection System Works

In the event of tank car motion, the pin is pulled free, releasing the switch. The rotating fixture assures that the pin will be pulled straight out regardless of the direction of tank car motion.

The signal from the switch activates the UniPro™ Valve Closure System, which quickly responds by closing the valve within seconds.

UniPro System Components

UniPro Valves UniPro Air Control Unit Hose Reel Assembly
Valve Adapters Air Control Assembly Hose Reel Assembly
UniPro Air Receiver Motion Detection System Emergency Stop Push Button
Air Receiver Assembly Railcar Motion Detection System E-Stop Panel
Basic Control Panel Custom Control Panel
Basic Control Panel Custom Control Panel