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Spark Resistant Railcar Valve Shut Down System

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Frequently Asked Questions About the UniPro™ Valve Closure Systems


I service a combustible, hazardous gas. Is there any danger of the UniPro™ System making a spark during operation?



UniPro Non Spark ValveUniPro™ Valve Adapters, whether for high torque or low torque valves, are available with spark resistant engagement components. The UniPro™ actuators are powered by air motors that require no combustion or electricity. Due to the possible presence of static electricity, containers of combustible fluids should be grounded before processing according to prevailing regulations. UniPro NonSpark ValveAs a safety backup, the operator may also choose to ground the UniPro™ actuator as well before it is installed on the valves.


Available Valve Adapters for UniPro™ Valve Closure System

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