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Railcar Unloading Hose Reel

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UniPro™ Hose Reel Assembly

The UniPro™ Hose Reel Assembly consists of a bottom wound spring-driven rewind hose reel with latching mechanism and 70 feet of hose. The Hose Reel delivers the air supply from the platform to the railcar dome. In the event of car movement, the hose follows the railcar to maintain air flow to the actuators.

Hose Reel Assembly

UniPro™ System Components

UniPro Valves UniPro Air Control Unit Hose Reel Assembly
Valve Adapters Air Control Assembly Hose Reel Assembly
UniPro Air Receiver Motion Detection System Emergency Stop Push Button
Air Receiver Assembly Railcar Motion Detection System E-Stop Panel
Basic Control Panel Custom Control Panel
Basic Control Panel Custom Control Panel