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UniPro™ Valve Closure Systems for both High Torque, Low Torque, and Soft Seat Valves

Tank Car Fleets are Changing

Tank car valves designed to load and discharge hazardous chemicals are changing from the traditional high torque valves (the most common being the ACF valve) to the new generation of valves by manufacturers such as Beltech, Descote, Eagle, Midland, and Rego. This new generation of valves offers several advantages to the old ACF style valves; they are easier to operate, do not cause operator injuries, and require less maintenance. As the tank car industry continues to transition to the new valves, it will not be uncommon for a variety of valve designs to appear within a tank car fleet. Unlike other valve closure manufacturers, Powell Valve Closure Systems do not require air pressure adjustments dependent on the torque requirements of the valve.

Powell is the only manufacturer to offer valve closure systems to safely, easily, and efficiently operate a tank car fleet of high torque, low torque, and soft seat valves with minimum effort.

UniPro™ Standard Valve Closure System

UniPro StandardThe UniPro™ Standard pneumatic actuator can be used on valves requiring up to 125 lb-ft of torque or as little as 30 lb-ft of torque to seat and seal them, and with a number of different hand wheel configurations. This versatility is made possible by the numerous valve adapters available. These valve adapters can accommodate valve hand wheels having the standard Chlorine Institute hand wheel or hand wheels with two, four, five, six or eight spokes. Each is available with or without a torque limiting feature that allows only 30 lb-ft of torque to be applied to the hand wheel. The UniPro Standard pneumatic actuator requires 90 psi air or nitrogen pressure regardless of which valve adapter is used.

UniPro™ LT Valve Closure System

UniPro LTThe UniPro™ LT produces adequate torque to seat and seal the low torque valves without damaging the valve seats. Literally the "Little Brother" of the UniPro™ Standard actuator, the UniPro™ LT uses the same operating system without adjustments. It attaches to the tank dome in the same way and contains all of the same