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Chlorine Scrubber (Absorption) System

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Sentry 2000 Scrubber System

Category: Chlorine Scrubber, Sulfur Dioxide Scrubber, Phosgene Scrubber

Sentry ScrubberThe Powell Sentry 2000 Scrubber System is one of the most advanced emergency scrubber systems available today and is for use with Chlorine, Sulfur Dioxide, or Phosgene. The horizontal packed bed scrubber was designed by the world’s foremost expert on gas scrubbing technology, Ralph Strigle, Jr.

The Powell Sentry 2000 incorporates today’s most advanced design and performance features including:

  • A patented 4-stage, single-pass scrubber system with a horizontal packed bed of high efficiency packing material.
  • Kynar® electrode holder designed to fit between companion flanges.
  • Performance tested by the nation’s leading air emissions testing organization at full scale 3,000 ACFM air flow rate with 2,000 lb. releases of both chlorine and sulfur dioxide.
  • Performance tests witnessed by an independent firm specializing in the application of fluid dynamics to industrial flow problems. The Powell Sentry 2000 demonstrated better performance than the 5 ppm stack discharge limit set by UFC specifications.
  • Predictable, scalable technology, based on extensive tests with full scale 3000 ACFM testing and large release rates.

The Powell Sentry 2000 Scrubber can achieve virtually any stack emission performance desired. Thus, it is possible to control performance of the Sentry 2000 based on any inlet and outlet concentrations and flow rates.

The Powell Sentry 2000 has been subjected to the most demanding testing of any scrubber on the market. In rigorous testing, the Powell Sentry 2000 surpassed the requirements of Uniform Fire Code Section 80. The Powell Sentry 2000 is the only scrubber tested in accordance with US EPA Reference Test Methods, which are more accurate than continuous gas detector tests.

The Sentry 2000 was successfully tested in 1993, achieving chlorine discharge levels of less than 5 PPM for a 3,000 ACFM inlet gas flow. Tests were conducted with full one ton releases of chlorine at leakage rates in excess of 78 lbs/min throughout the entire release periods. For these tests, a caustic flow rate of 400 gallons per minute (GPM) was selected for chlorine neutralization based on Mr. Ralph Strigle's calculations using the 1993 UFC 15 PPM outlet stack limit.

The following video includes actual footage of the chlorine release and tests performed in 1993 on the Sentry 2000 Scrubber. For more information, download the Chlorine Stack Emissions documents: Part One and Part Two.

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