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Gas Detection System

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Gas Detection Systems - Receivers

Receivers integrate with Powell Valve Closure Systems by accepting signal from 1 to 32 sensors or transmitters and then passing the input to the Powell Valve Closure System Control Panel. The control panel then activates the actuator to close the container valve. Within seconds from the time the unseen hazardous or combustible gas is detected, the container valve is closed, stopping what otherwise would have been a reportable release.

Powell Valve Closure Systems can be configured to respond to input from a variety of gas detection systems. Powell recommends the following receivers:

QuadScan II Receiver (PDF)

QuadScan II Receiver

  • Wall mount 1 to 4 channel
  • Housed in a NEMA-4X enclosure
  • Accepts any 4-20 MA input
  • Large back lit display
  • Includes common Alarm, Warn, Fail, and Horn relays
  • Optional relay offers 8 individual 5 amp relays (completely user programmable)
  • Easy installation and setup with pushbutton interface
  • Optional battery backup

Sentinel 16 Multichannel Controller (PDF)

Sentinel 16 Multichannel Controller

  • 16 graphic LCD displays bar graph and numerical value of all active channels simultaneously, 24 hour trend screen (per channel), and combination 10 minute trend and bar graph (per channel)
  • Equipped with common relays for Alarm, Warn, Fail, and Horn
  • Up to 3 discrete relays per channel are available with the addition of optional drop-in discrete relay boards
  • Can accept three different types of signals in any combination (4-20 ma from two, three or four wire transmitters, Direct output from a catalytic bead sensor, RS-485 from a Scott Instruments MODBUS transmitter
  • Ability to retransmit a RS-485 MODBUS RTU signal in both master and slave configurations

Protect your employees and investments from toxic or combustible gases by incorporating a Powell Valve Closure System into your Risk Management Plan.

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