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Gas Scrubber

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Provent Gas Equipment Scrubber

Quality Built for Long Performance

The Powell ProVent Chlorine/Sulfur Dioxide Equipment Scrubber is designed to evacuate transfer hoses, piping, and vaporizers used for chlorine process systems. The Powell ProVent, which can be sized for your specific needs, recirculates a caustic soda solution through an eductor to safely neutralize any chlorine remaining in the hoses or piping. In case of power failure, the scrubber can still neutralize chlorine or sulfur dioxide under pressure.

Features include the following:

  • Tefzel®-lined magnetic drive pump or optional titanium pump.
  • Fiberglass or chlorobutyl rubber-lined tank.
  • Halar®-lined steel eductor. Halar®-lined steel eductor.
  • Halar®-lined steel pipe and fittings.
  • Optional oxidation reduction potential (ORP) or pH alarm system.

Provent Scrubber System