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Propylene - Valves, Container Shutoff

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Propylene Valve Shutoff

About Propylene (CH2CHCH3)

Propylene is a colorless gas with an olefin odor at standard temperature and pressure. It is a simple asphyxiant and is very flammable. Skin contact with evaporating liquid propylene can cause local freezing and frostbite.

Propylene is used in the manufacture of plastics and in biodegradable, non-toxic antifreeze. It is shipped in pressurized gas cylinders, ton containers, and tank cars.

Synonym: Propene

Accidental Release of Propylene

In the event of an accidental release of propylene, it is important to remove any sources of ignition and to shut off the source of the gas.

Powell Emergency Valve Closure Systems are designed to prevent significant releases of hazardous gases like propylene. In the case of an accidental release, the emergency shutdown system will immediately close the container valve, effectively preventing further release regardless of where it occurs downstream.

It is possible to prevent an accidental release of propylene. Contact us today to discuss your specific application requirements.

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Shutdown Systems for Various Container Sizes

Powell is the only manufacturer to offer both pneumatic or electric systems for 150 lb Gas Cylinders, Ton Containers, Railcars, Tank Cars, and Bullet Tanks.