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Parva Brazil Chlorine / Sulfur Dioxide Valve

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Parva Brazil Chlorine / Sulfur Dioxide Valve

Parva Brazil ValvesParva Brazil valves are commonly used in South America on pressurized containers of chlorine or sulfur dioxide. Powell Valve Closure Systems (Shut Off Systems) are compatible with Parva Brazil Valves for chlorine or sulfur dioxide and with most other valves found on ton containers or 150 lb cylinders containing pressurized hazardous gases.

Powell Valve Closure Systems are superior to any other emergency shutdown system available on the market. Powell offers several brackets designed to adapt to a variety of valve types, making the systems compatible with an extensive list of hazardous gases.  Powell can design, engineer and test prototype brackets upon request.

Safety Systems for Valves on 150 lb Gas Cylinders and Ton Containers

150 lb Cylinder Valves, Ton Container ValvesPowell offers both electric and pneumatic emergency shutdown systems for compressed gas cylinders ranging from 150 lb to one ton. Powell Valve Closure Systems Valve Closure Systems are unique from any other emergency shutdown system available on the market in that the actuator mounts on the valve body, not on the yoke.   Powell's E-Pro (Electric) Valve Closure System and MaxPro RA (Pneumatic) Valve Closure Systems are compatible with an extensive list of valves found on 150lb cylinders and ton containers.  These include but are not limited to:

Applicable to a variety of compressed cylinders, valve designs and hazardous chemicals, the systems have a unique mounting bracket that can be mated to any of several available valve adapters. More...

Emergency Shutdown Systems for Valves on 20 Ton Bullet Tanks, 90 Ton Railcars, and Tank Cars

UniPro Family

Powell Valve Closure Systems for large containers ranging from 20-Ton bullet tanks to 90-Ton railcars.  The Powell UniPro Standard, R (Reversible), LT (Low Torque), LTR (Low Torque Reversible), and QT (Quarter Turn) are pneumatic systems compatible with many valve types found on 20 ton bullet tanks, 90 ton railcars, and tank cars including but not limited to: