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Compressed Gas Valves

Various Cylinder, Ton Container, and Railcar Valves compatible with both Electric and Pneumatic actuators.  More...


UL-CUL Approved

Powell Valve Closure System control panels (UniPro™, MaxPro™ RA & E-Pro®) are listed by Underwriters Laboratory to UL 508A for Enclosed Industrial Control Panels. Panels are listed by Underwriters Laboratory bearing the UL & CUL mark for use in the United States and Canada markets. In applications where a CSA listed control panel in Canada is required, please contact Powell for further information.

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If the UniPro™ R with the Torque Limiting Valve Adapter won't open the soft seat/low torque valves, must I remove it from the dome every time I need to open them?


No. In this case, the UniPro™ R can be lifted straight up off the valve handle and swung out of the way to allow hand operation of the valve. No tools are required and no adjustments must be made to put it back on the valve handle. Just lift and swing. It's as easy as that.

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