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Hydrogen Cyanide Valve Shutoff

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Hydrogen Cyanide Valve Shutoff (HCN)

About Hydrogen Cyanide

Hydrogen Cyanide is a colorless gas or bluish-white liquid with a bitter almond odor. It is also known as prussic acid. Hydrogen Cyanide is very toxic and, in air, forms a severe fire hazard. Hydrogen cyanide is absorbed well by inhalation and can produce death within minutes. Substantial absorption can occur through intact skin if vapor concentration is high or with direct contact with solutions, especially at high ambient temperatures and relative humidity.

The principle use of hydrogen cyanide is in the manufacture of organic chemicals, e.g., acrylonitrile, methyl methacrylate, and adiponitrile, that are used in producing synthetic fibers and plastics. It is also used in the chemical laboratory, and is sometimes used in agriculture as a fumigant. Hydrogen cyanide is shipped in pressurized gas cylinders, ton containers and tank cars.

Synonyms: hydrocyanic acid, prussic acid, formonitrile, formic anammonide, carbon hydride nitride, cyclon

Accidental Release of Hydrogen Cyanide

In the event of an accidental release of hydrogen cyanide, remove all sources of heat and ignition. Ventilate potentially explosive environments. If it can be done safely, shut off the container valve using non sparking tools.

Powell Emergency Valve Closure Systems are designed to prevent significant releases of hydrogen cyanide. In the case of an accidental release, the hydrogen cyanide shutoff system immediately closes the valve, stopping the flow of gas regardless of where the leak occurs downstream.

It is possible to prevent an accidental release of hydrogen cyanide. Contact us today to discuss your specific application requirements.

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Hydrogen Cyanide Shutdown Systems for Various Container Sizes

Powell is the only manufacturer to offer both pneumatic or electric systems for 150 lb Hydrogen Cyanide Cylinders, Ton Containers, Railcars, Tank Cars, and Bullet Tanks.