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Compressed Gas Valves

Various Cylinder, Ton Container, and Railcar Valves compatible with both Electric and Pneumatic actuators.  More...


UL-CUL Approved

Powell Valve Closure System control panels (UniPro family, MaxPro RA & E-Pro) are listed by Underwriters Laboratory to UL 508A for Enclosed Industrial Control Panels. Panels are listed by Underwriters Laboratory bearing the UL & CUL mark for use in the United States and Canada markets. In applications where a CSA listed control panel in Canada is required, please contact Powell for further information.

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Gas Shutdown System Durability Testing


All Powell Valve Closure Systems have been designed and tested by our own engineers. We are aware of the flaws inherent in our competitors systems and are proud to have developed valve closure systems superior to any other systems available on the market.

Great care has been taken to design electric and pneumatic shutoff systems that are convenient to use, dependable, powerful, versatile, and most importantly, reliable.

Powell Emergency Valve Closure Systems are the most durable emergency shutdown systems available anywhere. Before any Powell system went to market, it was first subjected to extensive and exhaustive durability testing. Using our own customized test apparatus, the Powell Actuator Test Bench, our valve actuators were thoroughly tested under worse-than-reality conditions in a fraction of the time it would take to do so in real applications.

About the Powell Actuator Test Bench

The Powell Actuator Test Bench is programmable to simulate the closing of virtually any valve. Parameters such as starting torque, closing torque, seating torque, rest time, and cycle count can be pre-programmed into the Actuator Test Bench. Using various valve handles or stems and a computerized control panel, any valve closure event can be mimicked with accurate torque resistance, time, and number of turns. Thousands of identical closure cycles can be repeated without ever having to reopen a valve after it’s been closed.

By using this test procedure, we have been able to develop robust valve closure components that will last for many thousands of valve closure events - even in the harshest environments. The Actuator Test Bench has helped identify the correct motor sizes and speeds, strong valve adapters, actuator mounting hardware, and other specifics that other competitor systems may be lacking.

Typical Testing to Meet Stringent Torque Requirements

A typical test might last for 5,000 cycles. During the test, the actuator is periodically removed from the bench and torque tested on our Mountz™ torque measuring equipment. If an actuator that’s being tested exhibits any loss of torque throughout the duration of the test, a stronger design is identified and tested until we are confident that the actuator will always do its job in the field.

To pass Powell’s high standards, the actuator must produce at least as much torque after test completion as it did at the start of the test. Likewise, any mechanical component of the actuator must finish the test without failure, or it is redesigned and re-tested until it will do so.

Testing on Actual Container Valves

After testing with the Powell Actuator Test Bench, each Powell System is also tested on actual container valves with all of the appropriate attachments in place. As strict as we are about our systems being durable, we also insist on manufacturing systems that are easy for the operator to use. During this test procedure, we pay close attention to the mounting hardware and ergonomic designs of the actuators for the operator’s ease of use. We also note any affect the actuator may have on the valve itself. If the operator experiences difficulties when handling the actuator, or if the actuator negatively affects the valve, it is redesigned and re-tested until it passes our high standards.

Confidence in Powell Protection

When you purchase a Powell Valve Closure System, you can rest assured your system has been thoroughly tested to provide you with the highest level of protection available from the valve closure market.

Our commitment to exhaustive testing, and our insistence on believing and acting upon test results ensures your Powell System will react exactly how it is supposed to when both timing and accuracy are critical.

Some Valve Closure Systems are Simply Built. Ours are engineered