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Chloromethane - Methyl Chloride Safety

Powell Valve Closure Systems

UL-CUL Approved

Powell Valve Closure System control panels (UniPro family, MaxPro™ RA & E-Pro®) are listed by Underwriters Laboratory to UL 508A for Enclosed Industrial Control Panels. Panels are listed by Underwriters Laboratory bearing the UL & CUL mark for use in the United States and Canada markets. In applications where a CSA listed control panel in Canada is required, please contact Powell for further information.

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Chloromethane (Methyl Chloride) Valve Shutoff (CH3Cl)

About Chloromethane

Chloromethane is also known as methyl chloride. It is a clear, colorless gas. It has a faint, sweet odor that is noticeable only at levels that may be toxic. It is heavier than air and is extremely flammable. Exposure to high levels of chloromethane can have serious effects on the nervous system, including convulsions and coma. It can also affect the liver, kidneys, and heart.

It is used to make other substances, primarily silicones (ie., Methylate Silicon), and to make agricultural chemicals, methyl cellulose, quaternary amines, and butyl rubber. Chloromethane is shipped in pressurized gas cylinders, ton containers, and tank cars.

It is possible to prevent an accidental release of chloromethane. Contact us today to discuss your specific application requirements.

Accidental Release of Chloromethane

To control an accidental release of chloromethane, it is critical to shut of the gas supply. Powell Emergency Valve Closure Systems are designed to prevent significant releases of hazardous gases like chloromethane. In the case of an accidental release, security breach, or any other programmable event, the emergency shutdown system will close the container valve, effectively preventing further release regardless of where the leak occurs downstream.

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Shutdown Systems for Various Container Sizes

Powell is the only manufacturer to offer both pneumatic or electric systems for 150 lb Gas Cylinders, Ton Containers, Tube Trailers, Railcars, Tank Cars, and Bullet Tanks.