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Carbon Dioxide Shutdown System - Compressed Gas Safety

Carbon Dioxide Valves

Various Cylinder, Ton Container, and Railcar Carbon Dioxide Valves compatible with both Electric and Pneumatic actuators.  More...

Powell Valve Closure Systems

UL-CUL Approved

Powell Valve Closure System control panels (UniPro family, MaxPro™ RA & E-Pro®) are listed by Underwriters Laboratory to UL 508A for Enclosed Industrial Control Panels. Panels are listed by Underwriters Laboratory bearing the UL & CUL mark for use in the United States and Canada markets. In applications where a CSA listed control panel in Canada is required, please contact Powell for further information.

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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emergency Shutdown System

About Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is found normally in the atmosphere. It is a simple asphyxiant with no other health effects. Carbon Dioxide is one of the products of the burning of fossil fuels. Its concentration in the atmosphere is now increasing at a rate of 1 ppm per year.

Commercially, CO2 finds uses as a refrigerant (dry ice is solid CO2), in beverage carbonation, and in fire extinguishers. It is shipped in pressurized containers to ensure that any leak, however small, will not result in contamination of the contained CO2.

Synonyms: Carbonic Acid Gas, Carbonic Anhydride

Accidental Release of Carbon Dioxide

In the event of an accidental release of carbon dioxide, it is important to shut off the source of the release and to prevent it from entering sewers, basements and work pits, or any place where its accumulation can be dangerous. Powell Emergency Valve Closure Systems are designed to prevent significant releases of hazardous gases like carbon dioxide. In the case of an accidental release, the emergency shutdown system will close the container valve within seconds, effectively preventing a reportable release regardless of where the leak occurs downstream.

It is possible to prevent an accidental release of Carbon Dioxide. Contact us today to discuss your specific application requirements.

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Shutdown Systems for Various Container Sizes

Powell is the only manufacturer to offer both pneumatic or electric systems for 150 lb Gas Cylinders, Ton Containers, Railcars, Tank Cars, and Bullet Tanks.