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Angle Plug Valves

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Angle Plug Valves

The company that owns the tank cars that we service changed all the angle plug valves in the tank car domes. Will the UniPro™ system fit the new valves?


UniPro FamilyYes. The UniPro™ family of valve closure actuators fit virtually all angle plug valves commonly used on pressurized tank cars. These valves might be used on tank cars carrying chlorine, ammonia, ethylene oxide, or many others. Valve handle adapters that can be changed without tools in only seconds make the UniPro™ system the most versatile system available. In fact, if you must also service angle ball valves, the UniPro™ family includes the UniPro™ QT, an actuator designed specifically for these quarter turn ball valves. All UniPro™ pneumatic actuators operate using the same UniPro™ air control system and control panel. Even the air connections are the same. So no matter what kind of valves show up on the pressurized tank cars you service, there is a UniPro™ actuator and adapter to fit them.

The UniPro™ Valve Closure Family includes the UniPro™ , UniPro™ R (Reversible), UniPro™ LT (Low Torque) and UniPro™ QT (Quarter Turn).

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