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Compressed Gas Safety

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Powell Valve Closure Systems

Powell has been a leading provider of specialized equipment for the production, dilution, and safe handling of pressurized hazardous gasses and sodium hypochlorite (bleach) for more than 40 years. emergency shutoff systems

We are the only manufacturer to offer both electric and pneumatic automated valve closing devices for compressed gas 150 lb cylinders, ton containers, tube trailers, railcars, tank cars, and bullet tanks.

Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing

Individually, many of our engineering and technical staff have been actively involved in our industry for several decades. They are extremely knowledgeable about the specialized functions our products fulfill and the unique and potentially hazardous environments our products operate in.

Because of our experience, expertise, and custom technology, we are able to provide specialized solutions for the safe handling of your hazardous chemical. Our ability to design and custom-build a variety of equipment enables us to solve unique, customer-specific issues. We provide troubleshooting and consultation specific to our customers individual needs.

Why Choose a Powell Valve Closure System?

  • Powell Valve Closure Systems are proven to provide fast, reliable protection against reportable releases of hazardous chemicals.
  • Powell has developed the technology our valve closure systems are based on. Great care has been taken to design systems that are convenient to use, dependable, powerful, versatile, and most importantly, reliable.
  • We are aware of the flaws inherent in our competitors' systems and are proud to have developed valve closure systems superior to any other shutdown system available on the market.

Emergency Shutdown System Manufacturer

  • Powell is the only manufacturer to offer emergency shutdown systems with pneumatic or electric actuators for use on either 150 lb compressed gas cylinders, ton containers, or tube trailers. We also offer shutdown systems for large containers such as 90-Ton railcars, bullet tanks, and tank cars.
  • Powell supplies all potential customers with a detailed questionnaire to determine which components will be needed to assemble a system specific to the customer’s needs. On occasion, customers have applications that make use of modified or unique hardware. In these cases, Powell offers an Application Evaluation Service.
  • Since Powell is the original equipment manufacturer, application evaluations can have results ranging from simple advice given over the phone to a complete development program that would yield custom components to fit a unique need.


UniPro QT Valve Closure System Contact us today to discover how a Powell Valve Closure System can become an important layer in your Risk Management Plan.

Some valve closure systems are simply built.
Ours are engineered.


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